Turn  PSI (Red valve) on to maximum and leave it always at maximum

 PSI valve

Turntable motor must be turned on before igniting
and always on while in operation



*** Insert 2 “D” batteries in motor (the adaptor isn’t necessary)
     Insert 1 “AA” battery in Igniter


*** Pizza cooking procedure ***

  • Turn on Turntable motor
  • Do not stand close to the open flame
  • Ignite Right burner 60,000 Btu
  • Ignite Left   burner 40,000 Btu
  • Heat for 8-10 minutes on High to reach a temperature of 650
  • After heat up time Lower the Left and Right Burners to 8-9 o’clock position
  • Insert pizza in oven
  • Turn the Left and Right burners to 6 o’clock position (full blast) start cooking
  • (Neapolitan Style) will cook in approximately 90seconds
  • For a crispy pizza lower the temperature and cook longer
  • ** Each time a pizza is cooked lower the Left and Right burner to the 8-9 o’clock position

    To preserve the temperature (not burn the next one, and repeat the procedure)

  • Terminated? Turn off both burners
  • Turn off Turntable motor
  • Close propane tank


  • If Pizza stone cracks just put them together it will still work fine (contact us)
  • If residue falls on the Pizza stone just turn the heat high so it burns off (never wash)
  • Brush sideways with a brush 

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